Thursday, January 29, 2009


2.slim-im so fly(b/w mr telephone man)
3.slim-im so fly get up mix(b/w 5000)
4.beyonce-single ladies(robe rob mix,whoa now, cash money hoes,money in
the bank) beats-no money in the bank(b/w holla holla,welcome to
atlanta,candy shop,jus a lill bit,notorious kim)
6.busta rhymes,ron brows-arab money(b/w get up,the truth,come thru)
7.cassidy-drink an my two step (b/w come thru,I get around,impeach the
8.50 cent-i get money(b/w soul clap,yes we can)
9.50,diddy,jay z-i get money rmx-(b/w soul man,good lovin,mass
appeal,represent represent)
10.ryan lesile,diamond girl-(b/w skys da limit,back like that,imagine
that,darlan darly baby)
11.ron brows,jim jones-pop champagne(b/w can't belive it,head sprung)
12.lupe fiasco-superstar(b/w show me)
13.gilligans island(b/w dangerous,touch it,don't touch me)
14.james brown-ants in my pants(b/w don't touch me)
15.ying yang twins-salt shaker(b/w loves a message)
16.micheal jackson-do you remember(b/w #1 girl,entourage)
17.r kelly-red carpet(b/w peter piper,step in the name of love)
18.sean kingston-take you there(b/w my boo,nasty boys,centipede)
19.r.I.p interlude,big.2pac,big pun
20.the spinners-its shame(b/w I heard em say,good love)
21.kanye west-good life(b/w best friend,welcome back)
22.busta rhymes- love my bitch(b/w back like that rmx)
23.marvin gaye-sexual healing(b/w back like that rmx)
24.kanye west-back like that rmx(b/w make the music)
25.chris brown-with you(b/w take me there)
26.rob brows-jumping out the window(b/w down 4 my niggas,good
life,window shopper)
27.50 cent-get up(b/w you ready,doggy dogg world,what's my name)
28.g unit-st8 outta southside(b/w deep cover,hate in your blood)
29.lil wayne,t pain-got money(b/whate I ur blood,street sweeper rhythm)
30.t pain-cant believe it(b/w diamonds & pearls,I need love,smile)
31.lil wayne-mrs officer(b/wi smell pussy)
32.neyo-when ur mad(b/w im the only woman,jus a touch)
33.akon-locked up(hey lover,I love you)
34.beyonce-irreplaceable(b/w party aint a party)
35.50 cent-get it in
36.darnell jones-knocks me off my feet (b/w no one else)
37.the dream-shawtys a ten(b/w t.k.o,I aint mad at cha)
38.lil wyane-loli pop(b/w lovers an friends,hip hop)
39.lil wayne-amillie(b/w I whp ya head,boyz n the hood)
40.t,I-what eva u like(give it a try,amillie)
41.lil jon-snap ya fingers(b/w street shit)
42.usher-bad girl(b/w queen bitch pt.2)
43.lloyd banks-new pussy(robe rob freestyle)
44.akon-body on me(b/w flex)
45.mad cobra-flex(b/wbig poppa)
46.ciara, r kelly-promise (b/w imma flirt)
47.justintimberlake-until the end of time(b/w tender love)
48.j holiday-bed(b/w how deep is ur love,right an a wrong
49.contract Outro
50.the bum-i should tell ya moma on u

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